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2021 IP Update: Recent Developments in Patent and Trade Secret Law

1h 3m

Created on November 18, 2021




In year two of the global pandemic, the Supreme Court continued its engagement with a series of IP issues, including assignor estoppel, the constitutionality of the USPTO's Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and the scope of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Circuit Courts have likewise decided cases that inform on substantive patent and trade secret issues.  In a handful of notable decisions, the Federal Circuit took on Judge Albright's treatment of transfer motions out of the Western District of Texas. This program, presented by Skadden attorneys Leslie Demers and Chris McKinley, will discuss recent developments and trends in, among other things, patent and trade secret law, with a particular focus on cases decided this year and what they may mean for the future landscape of IP litigation.


Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discuss trade secret misappropriation pleading standards

  2. Analyze trends in patent litigation in the Western District of Texas

  3. Identify and discuss substantive IP issues and key judicial decisions

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