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2020 Year in Review: Legislative, Litigation & Compliance Trends in Cybersecurity Law

1h 3m

Created on August 25, 2020





With 2020 set to bring a record high number of data breaches, state legislatures across the country are continuing to strengthen their existing privacy statutes, and are creating new ones with an increased focus on consumer protection. This program, presented by Daniel Marvin and Alex D'Amico of Morrison Mahoney LLP, will provide an overview of emerging trends in this legislation, with an emphasis on how the states are shifting their focus towards comprehensive data privacy laws that put more control over how personal data is used in the hands of consumers, and what businesses must do to comply with these regulations. The program will also review the latest developments in data breach litigation to identify trends and topics of interest to anyone providing advice or counsel to clients in this area.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze emerging trends in breach notification statutes and compliance requirements in the event that a data security or privacy event occurs
  2. Review trends in 2020 amendments to state privacy and breach notification statutes
  3. Survey leading privacy legislation, including the CCPA and New York State Shield Act
  4. Discuss the leading and latest case law relating to data breach litigation

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