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Faculty Directory

  Lawline Faculty Member Practice Areas Avg Course Rating # Courses
Daniels Scott Daniels Federal Social Security Disability, New York State Disability, Long Term Disability, Personal Injury and Accidents, General Litigation Y94%   28
Werner Art Werner Estate Planning, Taxation Y95%   22
Basi Dr. Bart A. Basi Tax, Estate Planning Y94%   20
Cuevas Carlos Cuevas Bankruptcy Law Y82%   16
Ringstrom David Ringstrom Accounting/Auditing Y90%   14
Goldsmith Amy Goldsmith Patent Law, Trademarks Y92%   12
Silver Mark Silver Mitigation / Forensics / Mediation Y90%   10
Kulkin Todd Kulkin Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit Law Y94%   10
Richards Stephen Richards Y92%   10
Maratto Itkowitz Michelle Maratto Itkowitz Real Estate Y91%   9
Aurnou Scott Aurnou Computer Security/Cyber Security Consulting, Computer Forensics/Digital Forensics, E-Discovery, Litigation, and Information Technology (IT) Consulting Y95%   8
Nunes Morris Nunes Business Representation Y94%   8
Selden Frank Selden Rollover Business Startups (ROBS), Estate Planning for Business Owners Y94%   8
Barness Sigalle Barness Vice President of Programming Y86%   8
Shenkman Martin Shenkman Estate Planning; Tax Planning; Closely Held Business Taxation; Business Transactions; Estate Administration Y93%   8
Oberti Mark Oberti Labor and Employment Y95%   8
Howley John Howley Business & Financial Litigation, White Collar Defense, Appellate Litigation Y96%   7
Ward Jeffrey Ward Y96%   7
Itkowitz Jay Itkowitz Real Estate Y91%   7
Quinn Colleen Quinn Adoption, Assisted Reproductive Technology Law Y93%   7
Edaburn Patrick Edaburn Bankruptcy, Estate Planning and Taxation Y92%   7
Anway Stephen Anway International Arbitration Y96%   7
Cerafici Tamar Cerafici Energy Law Y89%   7
Blitz Justin Blitz Personal Injury, Labor Law Y88%   7
Sedhom Rania V. Sedhom Y91%   7
Abrams Daniel Abrams Business Litigation, Legal Malpractice and Legal Ethics Y92%   6
Medenica Olivera Medenica Intellectual Property, Business Law Y91%   6
Sinins Rubin Sinins Criminal Law and Civil Litigation, Employment Law Y91%   6
Jay Mark Jay Patent Law Y92%   6
Parnham George Parnham Criminal Defense Y90%   6
Davis Susan Davis Y90%   6
Hoyt Peggy Hoyt Y91%   6
Yamaner Joseph Yamaner Y91%   6
Jacobs Ronald Jacobs Political Law, Congressional Investigations, Appellate Litigation Y95%   6
Sobel Stuart Sobel Taxation Y94%   6
Cohen James R. Cohen Tax Law, Estate Planning Y85%   6
Friedberg Randy Friedberg Y94%   6
Smiley Andrew J. Smiley Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Litigation Y96%   5
Basi Roman Basi Real Estate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax, Estate Planning Y94%   5
Renner Deborah Renner Commercial Litigation Y89%   5
Rooney Frank Rooney Tax Law Y92%   5
Block Kenneth M. Block Real Estate, Environmental and Construction Law Y93%   5
Romankow Ted Romankow Litigation Y90%   5
Curran John-Patrick Curran Construction Law, Real Estate, Environmental Law Y93%   5
Reich Stuart Reich Immigration Y92%   5
Rudnick Jonathan Rudnick Consumer Fraud, Lemon Law, Personal Injury Y91%   5
Gershburg Daniel Gershburg Bankruptcy, Real Estate Y95%   5
Walker Michael Walker Accounting, IFRS Y97%   5
Levine Gerald Levine Intellectual Property Y85%   5
Lieberman Stuart Lieberman Environmental Law, Land Use Law, Litigation Y92%   5
York Harlan York Immigration Y93%   5
Kerson Paul Kerson Y92%   5
Kuhlman Richard Kuhlman Personal Injury Law, Automobile / Car Accidents, Wrongful Death, Construction Site Accidents, Premise Accidents, Professional Malpractice, Hospital / Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse, Workplace Y90%   5
Liebman Scott Liebman Life Sciences Compliance, Commercialization and Regulatory Counseling Departmen Y90%   4
Meyers Jonathan Meyers Labor and Employment Law Y84%   4
Lo Logan Lo Intellectual Property Y93%   4
Jacobson Douglas Jacobson International Trade Y91%   4
Mann Laura Mann General Practice, with an emphasis on Bankruptcy and Consumer Rights, Matrimonial & Family Law, Estate Planning, Litigation, and Mediation Y88%   4
Trubatch Sheldon Trubatch Administrative Law, Art Law, Conflicts of Interest, Energy Law Y87%   4
Rosener James D. Rosener Mergers & Acquisitions & International Law Y85%   4
Gold Simeon Gold Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Securities, & Corporate Law Y85%   4
Shen Patrick Shen Immigration Law Y93%   4
Kim Elizabeth Kim Y87%   4
Sinkin Joel Sinkin Y94%   4
Stein Josh Stein Oil and Gas Law Y97%   4
Singer Andrew W. Singer Employment Law, Litigation Y95%   4
Agnifilo Marc Agnifilo Criminal Law, Federal Government Y96%   4
Leonard Eric Leonard Y90%   4
Cohen Merrill Cohen Y92%   4
Miller Jill Miller Trust & Estates Y96%   4
Drexler Lee Drexler Appraiser Y81%   4
Napolitano Robert Napolitano Y93%   4
Wahab Kaiser Wahab Intellectual Property, E-Commerce Y91%   4
Gabriel Jessie M. Gabriel Business Law, Antitrust, Litigation Y90%   4
Patrick-Mazzarella Wendy L. Patrick-Mazzarella Criminal Law Y95%   4
Goldstein Geoffrey Goldstein Y84%   4
Goldstein Gavin Goldstein Accounting/Auditing, Real Estate Y84%   4
Wasny Garrett Wasny Y90%   4
Greenwald Wayne Greenwald Bankruptcy Y79%   4
Becker Eugene Becker Arbitraiton, International, Multijurisdictional Y86%   4
Price Richard Price Real estate finance, housing and community development, government contracts and administrative law Y92%   4
Harris Joseph Harris Employment Law Y93%   3
Hamilton Sarah Jo Hamilton Professional Responsibility Y95%   3
Newman Brett Newman Y89%   3
Shulga Arina Shulga Corporate Law, Securities Law Y89%   3
Grayson Chelsea Grayson Mergers and Acquisitions Y95%   3
Crabtree Travis Crabtree Y93%   3
Gerschick Dennis Gerschick Investing in Private Companies Y90%   3
Monteleone Joe Monteleone Y91%   3
Fahringer Herald Price Fahringer Appellate Practice; Criminal Law Y92%   3
Cococcia Amy C. Cococcia Immigration Law Y93%   3
Klimpl Jason B. Klimpl Employment, Staffing Law, & Corporate Practice Y96%   3
Sproviero Glen Sproviero Complex Commercial Litigation, Corporate & Securities Law A--   3
Calder James Calder Antitrust and Competition Y95%   3
Solomon Lisa Solomon Legal Research and Writing Y86%   3
King Joshua M. King Regulatory Law, Advertising Law, Social Media Law Y92%   3
Segal Philip Segal Litigation support, asset searches, due diligence, International Matters Y91%   3
Paris Jack Paris Automobile Accident litigation, Cruise Ship and Maritime Passenger and Crew claims, and Premises Liability cases Y92%   3
Rafel Bonny Rafel Y90%   3
Glass Peter Glass Y90%   3
Segal Anne Marie Segal Corporate and Nonprofit Y85%   3
Rothschild Gideon Rothschild Estate Planning, Family Law Y94%   3
Horowitz John Horowitz Construction and Labor Y96%   3
Diamond Tracey Diamond Employment Law, Human Resources Counseling Y90%   3
Scarola Gianpaolo Scarola Real Estate & Business Advisement Y94%   3
Dratel Joshua Dratel Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation Y94%   3
Powers Marc Powers Securities Law Y91%   3
Horwitz Ethan Horwitz Intellectual Property Y91%   3
Dymond Jisha V. Dymond Appellate Practice, Corporate Political Activity Law Y93%   3
Pozzuolo Joseph Pozzuolo Y86%   3
Jacobs Ginger E. Jacobs International Law, Immigration Law Y94%   3
Elias Daniel Elias Y93%   3
Periconi James J. Periconi Y91%   3
Herbes Stephen Herbes Health Care Law Y90%   3
Stein Wendy Stein Intellectual Property Litigation, Business Litigation Y91%   3
Kadyshevich Anna Kadyshevich Art Law Y91%   3
Flanzig Daniel Flanzig Litigation Y95%   3
De Luca Tom De Luca Contract Surety Litigation, Payment Bond Defense, Performance Bond Defense, Subrogation and Recovery, Construction Litigation Y93%   3
Gang Eric Gang Veteran's Benefits Y93%   3
Schnurman David Schnurman Y92%   3
Markhoff Michael Markhoff Estate Planning and Administration Y95%   3
Rincker Cari Rincker Y91%   3
Vozza Joseph Vozza Personal Injury Y90%   3
Bennett Steven C. Bennett Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Y94%   3
Wishcamper Joe Wishcamper Y91%   3
Wong Ha Kung Wong Intellectual Property Y93%   3
Brankov Amelia Brankov Art Law Y91%   3
White Evan White Employment Law Y93%   3
Thiessen Mark Ryan Thiessen Criminal Law Y96%   3
Bambara Joseph J. Bambara Law and Computing/Communications Technology Y89%   3
Bramble Barry Bramble Construction Law Y91%   3
Alimonti Frederick Alimonti Aviation, Insurance Coverage, Product Liability, Tort Defense, Mediation (neutral) Y94%   3
Tabakman Mark Tabakman Labor and Employment Law Y89%   3
Best Douglas Best Commercial Litigation, Employment Law, Administrative Law, Contractual Claims Y88%   3
Rosenblatt Bertram Rosenblatt Real Estate Y87%   2
Ghosh Amy Ghosh Immigration, Family Law, Bankruptcy A--   2
Ghosh Joanna Ghosh Business Litigation, Contracts, Torts A--   2
Patrick Michael D. Patrick Immigration Law Y92%   2
Ross Michael Ross Criminal Law, Ethics Y96%   2
Gauberti Annabelle Gauberti fashion A--   2
Rosenbaum Ary Rosenbaum Employment Law, ERISA Y88%   2
Peterson Craig Peterson Appellate Law Y92%   2
Garfinkle Marc Garfinkle Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Professional Licensing Issues Y91%   2
Garland Loan Garland Y82%   2
Strohl Marc J. Strohl Taxation Y91%   2
Gilbert Steve Gilbert Patent and Copyright Law A--   2
Gionta Dana Gionta Y79%   2
Weiner Michael Weiner Antitrust, Litigation, Technology Y93%   2
Golanski Alani Golanski Asbestos-Cancer & Toxic Tort litigation, Appellate Litigation, Federal Contract Disputes Y73%   2
Weiss Jillian T. Weiss Y89%   2
Nevius John G. Nevius Environmental Law, Insurance Recovery, Corporate and Commercial Litigation, Insurance Recovery, Domestic and International Arbitration Y85%   2
Gomez Gregory Gomez Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, Litigation Y96%   2
Weber John Weber Family Law, Matrimonial Law A--   2
Watkins Zara Watkins Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Corporate, Legal Research & Writing Y77%   2
Owren-Wiest Nicole J. Owren-Wiest Government Contracts, Litigation, White Collar Defense & Government Investigations Y96%   2
Giordano Diane Giordano Tax Y91%   2
Ullman Jeffrey D. Ullman Complex Litigation Y96%   2
Rubel Gina Rubel Y92%   2
Orofino Salvador Orofino Corporate Law, General in-house Counsel Y85%   2
Piekarsky Scott B. Piekarsky Piekarsky & Associates Y83%   2
Dunn Patricia Dunn Labor & Employment, Health Care Labor & Employment Y92%   2
Vercammen Kenneth Vercammen Personal Injury, Litigation Y88%   2
Fahringer Herald Price Fahringer Appellate Practice, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law Y92%   2
Feldman Edward Feldman Real Estate Y93%   2
Felicello Rosanne Felicello Y78%   2
Ferrell Michael S. Ferrell Labor & Employment Y92%   2
Bernbaum Peter J. Bernbaum Contract Law, Business and Corportate Law A--   2
Elmaleh Michael Sack Elmaleh Accounting Y90%   2
Egert Bruce Egert Personal Injury, Real Estate, Personal Finance Y93%   2
Rodden Judy Rodden Family Law Y89%   2
Robol Richard Robol Business & Commercial Litigation and Negotiation Y89%   2
Ellis Jennifer Ellis Y94%   2
Field Jaimie Field Y86%   2
Raitses Roie Raitses Finance, Financial Planning Y86%   2
Frechtman A. Bernard Frechtman Y88%   2
Neiman Glenn C. Neiman Workers' Compensation Y92%   2
Powers Ruby Powers Texas Immigration Y87%   2
Rosasco Troy G. Rosasco Y87%   2
Freyman, CPA, CGMA Greg Freyman, CPA, CGMA Accounting Y84%   2
Pozzuolo Jeffrey Pozzuolo Y81%   2
Vishio Miriam Vishio Antitrust, Business Litigation Y91%   2
Romano Joseph Romano Accounting Y89%   2
Verna III Anthony M. Verna III Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Copyrights Y88%   2
Price Charles Price Litigation, Mediation Y90%   2
Prairie John Prairie Government Contractors Y96%   2
Berry Robert Berry Y85%   2
Muller Diana Muller A--   2
Yeargin Grayson Yeargin Government Investigations Y93%   2
Anson Weston Anson Intellectual Property Y84%   2
Yost Kristina Yost Labor & Employment Law Y92%   2
Jefferson Sherri Jefferson Family Law Y81%   2
Lustig Mitchell Lustig Insurance Law Y84%   2
Antoncic Lydia S. Antoncic Family Law. Mediation A--   2
Maples Rashida Maples Entertainment Law, Real Estate Law Y82%   2
Holtzman Elise Holtzman Ethics, Law Practice Management Y94%   2
Marshall Jeffrey Marshall Risk Management Y87%   2
Witt Thomas Witt Technology Consulting Y91%   2
Howard Tracye Howard Government Contractors Y94%   2
Margolis Jeffrey A. Margolis Commercial Real Estate & Leasing Y94%   2
Jokajtys Matthew Jokajtys Y90%   2
Livingston Catherine Livingston Health Care Law, Tax Law Y92%   2
Abramson Bruce Abramson Intellectual Property, Litigation Y94%   2
Agatino Daniel Agatino Criminal Defense Y85%   2
Zimbler Lawrence Zimbler Taxation Y94%   2
Kotowski David Kotowski Taxation Y90%   2
Kornacki Wojciech Kornacki Military Law Y83%   2
Katica Lorna Katica Employment Law Y82%   2
Letteri Noelle C. Letteri Litigation Y81%   2
Kaiser Matthew Kaiser Criminal Law Y95%   2
Kaden Jeffrey M. Kaden Y94%   2
Lieberman Hal Lieberman Legal Malpractice Y91%   2
Lewis John Lewis Employment Law, Class Action Litigation Y96%   2
Levine Sheila Levine Intellectual Property Y85%   2
Martin James Martin Antitrust, Business Litigation Y95%   2
Martinez Frank Martinez Employment Law Y94%   2
Wells Nicholas Wells Intellectual Property Y93%   2
Greenwald Carol Schiro Greenwald Business development, law practice management, marketing consulting and coaching Y89%   2
Gross Jeffrey Gross Y87%   2
Grossman Mark Grossman Technology, Copyright, E-Discovery, Internet, Intellectual Property, and Licensing Law Y95%   2
Werschulz Patricia Werschulz Y96%   2
Morokoff Carol Morokoff Commercial Litigation, Collections, Creditors Rights. Y90%   2
Mossop Ivan Mossop Y83%   2
Grant Gary Grant Foreclosure Defense Y92%   2
Gottlieb Mark S. Gottlieb Accountant Y82%   2
Grasmick Joseph Grasmick Business Immigration Y92%   2
Rubenstein Herb Rubenstein Y85%   2
Gray George Gray Business Law, Elder Law, Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, Special Needs Trusts, Tax Law Y95%   2
Miklave Matthew Miklave Labor and Employment Y92%   2
Middleton June Middleton Business Law, Business Counseling Y79%   2
Harounian Jacqueline Harounian Matrimonial and Family Law Y92%   2
Wims David C. Wims Employment Law Y88%   2
Hasbrook Denise Hasbrook Labor and Employment Litigation Y96%   2
Mayhew Melissa C. Mayhew Y92%   2
Mason Tom B. Mason Legal Profession & Ethics, White Collar & Government Investigations, Civil Litigation , Native American Y90%   2
Megaris Alexandra Megaris Advertising and Marketing, Consumer Finance, Legislative and Government Affairs, Political Law, Congressional Investigations, Communications, Postal Law, Regulatory Y93%   2
Hallinan Elizabeth Hallinan Animal Law, Administrative Law, Environmental Law A--   2
Hackett Jennifer Hackett Antitrust, Business Litigation Y95%   2
Metlin Elaine Metlin Antitrust, Business Litigation, Cyber Security, Class Litigation, FCPA, White Collar Criminal Defense Y91%   2
Haff Alicia J. Haff Employment Law Y87%   2
Hagreen Kenneth Hagreen Substance Abuse, Non-Profit Y92%   2
Gordon Steve Gordon Y95%   2
Becht Paul Becht Y88%   2
Tsibulevskiy Roman Tsibulevskiy Y93%   2
Selby Judy Selby Insurance Law Y90%   2
Solovay Norman Solovay ADR A--   2
Cuker Mark R. Cuker Mass tort, Environmental Law, Product liability Law, and Consumer cases Y91%   2
Scott Kathleen A. Scott Y87%   2
Santori Marco Santori Business Law, Intellectual Property, Employment Law, Real Estate Law Y93%   2
Cardamone Michael Cardamone Workers' Compensation Y91%   2
Bordman Ethan Bordman Y94%   2
Trulove Jodi Trulove Antitrust, Litigation, White Collar Criminal Defense, FCPA Y91%   2
Denis Paul Denis Antitrust, Commercial Litigation Y94%   2
Toll James D. Toll Personal Injury, Employment Law, General Litigation Y88%   2
DeLuca R. Scott DeLuca Labor and Employment Y93%   2
Schenk Greg Schenk Real Estate Y79%   2
Creeley Will Creeley Constitutional Law Y91%   2
Schauder Edward Schauder Business Litigation & Arbitration, Sports & Entertainment Law Y88%   2
Traub Amy Traub Employment Law Y96%   2
Chockley III Frederick W. Chockley III Civil Litigation Y91%   2
Bleimaier John Kuhn Bleimaier Immigration, International, Naturalization, and Import and Export Law Y89%   2
Cancilla Greg Cancilla Y91%   2
Cinquino Jocelyn Cinquino Litigation, Jury Selection, Psychology & Law Y94%   2
Schultis Larry Schultis Y90%   2
Smith Craig Smith Government Contractors Y94%   2
Carmel Randall Carmel Family Law Y86%   2
Davidson Steven C. Davidson Criminal Law Y88%   2
Schwartz Murray Schwartz Employment Law Y83%   2
Daly Nova Daly International Trade, Cybersecurity & Network Security, Privacy Y96%   2
Sack Steven Sack Y86%   2
Silva Lara Silva Litigation Y90%   2
Colton Glenn Colton Litigation, Arbitration Y88%   2
Braun Dr. Louis J. Braun Commerical Law, Corporate Law Y89%   2
Siddiqui Saad Siddiqui Y91%   2
Teicher Stuart I. Teicher Real Estate, Construction, Landlord/Tenant Law, Business Law Y92%   2
Schwarz Daniel Schwarz Immigration Y94%   2
DiBlasi Hon. John DiBlasi Mediation Y97%   2
Danow Keven Danow Y88%   2
Mann (Partner) Jeffrey Mann (Partner) Y95%   1
Martin Michael D. Martin Construction Law Y96%   1
Martino Michael Martino Litigation Y89%   1
Mancinelli Steve Mancinelli Intellectual Property Law, Trademark, Copyright Y96%   1
Sobelsohn Richard J. Sobelsohn Real Estate Y94%   1
Swartz Barbara Swartz Employment Law Y85%   1
Szebrat Cathleen Szebrat Human Resource Consulting A--   1
Soni Ketan Soni Family Law Y91%   1
Marquis Traci B. Marquis Litigation, Contract Y78%   1
Yakoob Nadia Yakoob A--   1
Wood Andrew Raider Wood Entertainment Law Y81%   1
Soressi James Soressi Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Business Planning and Executive Benefit Planning Y90%   1
Markhoff Harris Markhoff Business & Tax Law Y89%   1
Sotorosen Matt Sotorosen Criminal Law Y95%   1
Solomon Franklin P. Solomon Personal Injury A--   1
Soucie Brent Soucie Canada - U.S. Cross Border Taxation Y90%   1
Wong Kimberly M. Wong Privacy, Data Security Y90%   1
Yamamoto Eric Yamamoto A--   1
Manos Bruce Manos Y88%   1
Mattioli Dianne Mattioli Y94%   1
Singh Sajai Singh General Corporate Commercial and Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity A--   1
Singer Marc C. Singer Real Estate Litigation, Professional Liability Counseling and Business Litigation Y66%   1
Mercado Christopher Mercado Foreclosure Y86%   1
Meloro Thomas J. Meloro Patents, Trademarks, and Trade Secret Litigation Y92%   1
Whitehouse Theodore C. Whitehouse Litigation, Antitrust and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Matters Y94%   1
Takagi Gene Takagi International Law Y86%   1
Melnichok James Melnichok Title Insurance Y93%   1
Teixeira Ed Teixeira Franchise Industry Y94%   1
Sindel Patricia Sindel Antitrust, Business Litigation Y91%   1
Siegal David Siegal White Collar Defense, Securities Fraud Litigation Y94%   1
Miller Judy Miller A--   1
Miller Peter A. Miller Y89%   1
Silber Josh Silber Medical Malpractice Litigation Y93%   1
Migdal Nelson F. Migdal Real Estate, Hospitality A--   1
Silverman Charles Silverman Foreclosure Defense Y96%   1
Temkin Barry R. Temkin Professional Liability Defense, Securities Arbitration, Legal Ethics Y90%   1
McPhail Guy McPhail Advisory Services, Taxation Y90%   1
McNamara Joanne McNamara Trial Skills Y80%   1
McConnell James G. McConnell Y85%   1
McDonald Sean McDonald Construction Y90%   1
McGann Terrance B. McGann Employment Law Y92%   1
Masterson Jim Masterson Commercial Litigation, Antitrust Y96%   1
Masri Michael Masri Litigation, Employment Law, Labor Law Y77%   1
Masin Hon. Jeffrey Masin Administrative Law Y94%   1
Smith R. John Smith International Tax Law, Tax Y83%   1
McKechnie Bruce McKechnie Tax Law, Real Estate, Y93%   1
McKeon Owen J. McKeon Data Privacy & Security, Intellectual Property A--   1
McMaster Matthew McMaster Y84%   1
McMillan David M. McMillan Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy, White Collar Defense A--   1
Skyles-Mulligan Steven Skyles-Mulligan Branding, Communications and Marketing Y92%   1
Winchell Andy Winchell Bankruptcy Y90%   1
McMahon John McMahon Y79%   1
Tahmassebi Stefan Tahmassebi Y93%   1
McLellan Melinda L. McLellan privacy, data security, information management, compliance. Y90%   1
Maselli Paul J. Maselli Litigation, Bankruptcy Y66%   1
Madon Meredith Madon Education Law Y92%   1
Lanza Craig Lanza Real Estate Y94%   1
Laufer Laurence Laufer Corporate Political Activity Law, Non-Profit & Tax Exempt Organizations Y89%   1
Laurie Gary Laurie Entertainment Law Y82%   1
Lang John Lang Y90%   1
Lachter Katie Lachter Civil, Criminal A--   1
Kushner Michael Kushner Income Tax, Labor, Employment & Employee Benefits, Corporate/M&A, Securities and Capital Markets Y83%   1
Kwan-Gett Mei Lin Kwan-Gett White Collar Criminal Defense Y94%   1
Subar Yossi Subar Real Estate Y82%   1
Lauzon Robert Lauzon Y88%   1
Lazaro Johnson Lazaro Immigration Law Y81%   1
Lerner Dr. Mark D. Lerner Traumatic Stress Consultant A--   1
Stein Elizabeth Stein Animal Law A--   1
Leveridge Richard Leveridge Antitrust, Business Litigation, Class Litigation, Financial Crisis Litigation, Insurance Coverage Litigation Y96%   1
Sullivan Stephen Sullivan Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Consumer Fraud, Toxic Tort, Mass Tort, Class Action Litigation A--   1
Lerminiaux Ryan Lerminiaux Computer Forensics Y90%   1
Leonard Dr. Robert A. Leonard Linguistics Professor A--   1
Zaslowsky David Zaslowsky International Arbitration, Commercial Litigation Y94%   1
Kushner Judy Kushner Investment Management and Finance Y83%   1
Kurz Regina Anzalone Kurz A--   1
Stiehm Patrick H. Stiehm International Law, Family Law and Commercial Finance Y87%   1
Kovsky David Kovsky Estate Planning Y94%   1
Kozek Neil Kozek Matrimonial law Family law Collaborative family law Adoption law Child support Child custody Divorce Domestic violence Visitation rights Real estate Y88%   1
Stone Jed Stone Criminal Defense Y90%   1
Korn Jeffrey Korn Counseling, Securities Litigation, M&A, and Antitrust Litigation Y96%   1
Koenig Lisa Koenig Immigration Law Y96%   1
Koerner Andrew Koerner Immigration Y95%   1
Zimmerman Howard Zimmerman Residential Architecture Y89%   1
Kray Fred Kray Animal Law, Civil Litigation A--   1
Krengel Ellen Krengel Immigration Law Y88%   1
Kuperman Eric J. Kuperman Appellate Practice Y95%   1
Steiner Bruce Steiner Y94%   1
Zetlin Edward Zetlin Disability, Elder Y92%   1
Steiner Diane Steiner Family Law Y80%   1
Krock Kenneth M. Krock * Bankruptcy Litigation * Business / Commercial Litigation * Employment Litigation * Financial Institution Litigation * Insurance Litigation * Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Y94%   1
Kronman Rachel Kronman Intellectual Property Y91%   1
Levin Richard Levin Medical Malpractice Y94%   1
Zacks Dustin Zacks Real Estate Y93%   1
Mack Sean Mack Litigation & Appeals Y95%   1
Spring Eleanor Spring Fraud Y83%   1
Young Mike Young Internet Business Law Y92%   1
Mack David Scott Mack Family Law Y95%   1
Lynch Stacy Lynch Entertainment Law Y83%   1
Lundy Matthew Lundy Elder Law, Estate Planning, Retirement Accounts Y91%   1
Lustig Greg Lustig Real Estate Y83%   1
Lynch Joseph Lynch Real Estate Law A--   1
Mackler Camille Mackler Y89%   1
Mirarchi Ferdinando Mirarchi Y91%   1
Spinelli Dr. Margaret Spinelli Health Care Law A--   1
Mallor Ross Mallor Personal Injury Investigations Y82%   1
Maltz Richard M. Maltz lawyer disciplinary defense ethics advice admissions issues fee disputes law firm disputes sanctions lawyer and law firm litigation professional discipline for all professions Y78%   1
Magnuson Chase Magnuson Real Estate, Non-Profit A--   1
Magnusdottir Aslaug Magnusdottir Fashion Law A--   1
Spitalnic Daniel Spitalnic Real Estate Y93%   1
Young Torrey K. Young Government Enforcement, Compliance & White Collar Defense A--   1
Springut Milton Springut Patent Law Y90%   1
Levy Paul Levy Y96%   1
Levy Robert B. Levy Y86%   1
Lewin Barry Lewin Intellectual Property Y91%   1
Levy Diana Levy Immigration and Nationality Law Y73%   1
Levites Sasha H. Levites Y91%   1
Levine Lance Levine Real Estate Y93%   1
Levine Michael Levine Non-Profit Law Y88%   1
Summers Edward Summers Immigration Law Y94%   1
Stein Andrew Stein Real Estate Y82%   1
Steiman Solomon Steiman A--   1
Sussman Monica Sussman Real Estate Law Y87%   1
Lin Rachel Lin Intellectual Property: Patents, trade secrets & trademarks Y95%   1
Litchfield John L. Litchfield ADA & FMLA Compliance, Business Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation, Labor & Employment, Labor & Employment Class Actions A--   1
Lieman, M.D Harry Lieman, M.D Y91%   1
Younger Edward Younger Y86%   1
Steer Richard Steer Labor and Employment Y94%   1
Zacharakis Elaine Zacharakis Regulatory Health law Y91%   1
Soury Lonnie Soury Public Relations, Public Policy, Government Affairs, Media & Crisis Communication Y90%   1
Weitzman Rabbi Gideon Weitzman Health Care Law Y91%   1
Rampulla Renee Rampulla Accounting A--   1
Rancier April Rancier Employment discrimination Y80%   1
Tsimpedes Athan Tsimpedes Civil Litigation; FSIA and FTCA Claims, Mass Torts and Class Actions, Aviation, Personal Injury; Automobile Accidents; Wrongful Death; Premises Liability;, consumer actions, Labor and Employment A--   1
Rahaman Ricky Rahaman Accounting Y82%   1
Radomisli Gregory Radomisli Medical Malpractice A--   1
Puvalowski Kevin R. Puvalowski Y94%   1
Verschell David Verschell Y85%   1
Raper Leigh Raper A--   1
Schatz Matthew Schatz Employment Law Y83%   1
Reardon Michael Reardon Affordable Housing A--   1
Rees Amber Rees Wind Energy Y87%   1
Sastow Gary S. Sastow Y95%   1
Reale Paul Reale Y87%   1
Scalia Hazel Scalia US Government Contracting Y93%   1
Ravelo Keila Ravelo Antitrust, Commercial Litigation Y94%   1
Raysman Richard Raysman Litigation, Intellectual Property, Copyright Law, E-Commerce Issues Y89%   1
Prosper Carla Prosper Y88%   1
Vidal Raul Vidal Economic Development A--   1
Plump Carolyn Plump Employment Law Y96%   1
Posner Gerald Posner Securities, Regulation Y90%   1
Powell Victoria Powell Litigation, Criminal, Tax Y90%   1
Player Hope Player Accounting, Entrepreneurship A--   1
Platt Mary Platt Litigation Y87%   1
Schulman Fredrick A. Schulman Litigation, Personal Injury Y91%   1
Pietrucha Mark Pietrucha Enviromental Law A--   1
Powell Wesley R. Powell Complex Civil Antitrust and Securities Litigation Y96%   1
Schulder David Schulder Tax Law, Financial Services Y82%   1
Schick Nance L. Schick Business Operations, Conflict Resolution Y79%   1
Vilos James Vilos criminal law Y82%   1
Prizant Svetlana Prizant Immigration A--   1
Schiffer Jennifer Schiffer Business law & Litigation A--   1
Schkolnick Richard S. Schkolnick Complex Land Use & Zoning Y66%   1
Powers Laura Powers Y87%   1
Schneider Heather Schneider Intellectual Property Y92%   1
Reiff Robert S. Reiff Criminal Defense Y95%   1
Veler Kevin Veler A--   1
Rosenberg Mark Rosenberg Intellectual Property Y95%   1
Rosenberger Amy Rosenberger Labor Law, Employment Law Y94%   1
Rynkowski David Rynkowski DWI law Y91%   1
Sabbatino Francesca Sabbatino Y91%   1
Sacks Valerie Sacks Real Estate Y90%   1
Rooney William H. Rooney Litigation Y94%   1
Vallen Colleen Vallen Y92%   1
Ungar Paul Ungar Music and Entertainment Y97%   1
Rush Claire Rush Y91%   1
Ubeika Jason Ubeika Canada - U.S. cross-border taxation Y90%   1
Rower Alyssa Rower Matrimonial Y91%   1
Rowley Marilyn Rowley Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, LLC, Incorporations, Partnerships, Debt Negotiation, Bankruptcy, and Foreclosure. Y95%   1
Roth Richard Roth Y92%   1
Rossman E. Michael Rossman Labor & Employment, Health Care, Franchising & Distribution Y90%   1
Ulrich Christopher Ulrich A--   1
Turner Michael Turner Patent Law A--   1
Sadowski Robert W. Sadowski Commercial Litigation Y90%   1
VanKavage Ledy VanKavage A--   1
Sargeant Melissa Sargeant Immigration Law Y87%   1
Kluger Steve Kluger Y94%   1
Varriale Carla Varriale Recreation and Sports Law Y92%   1
Richard Agathe Richard U.S. Antitrust Law and European Competition Law Y94%   1
Vasudeva Amita Vasudeva Immigration Law Y87%   1
Rein Eric Rein International Litigation, Asset Recovery, Banking Y92%   1
Renaud Brigette Renaud Retirement Benefits, Welfare Benefit Plans Y91%   1
Riveles Simon Riveles Y77%   1
Roberts, Ph.D., J.D. Jon L. Roberts, Ph.D., J.D. Patent Law, Security Clearance Law, FOCI, NISPOM, Export Control Law Y95%   1
Rogers William E. Rogers Y93%   1
Tunstall David Tunstall Advisory Services A--   1
Saichek Lawrence A. Saichek Y91%   1
Samuels David G. Samuels Litigation, Employment, Tax Exempt Real Estate & Organizations Y90%   1
Varlese Doris Varlese Health Law Y91%   1
Robinson Vianei L. Robinson Employment Law Y94%   1
Sankary Myer Sankary Y84%   1
Pickholz Jason Pickholz Whistleblowers, Securities, Corporate Investigations Y87%   1
Piazza Deborah Piazza Bankruptcy, Corporate Restructuring Y93%   1
Nastoff Ashley Nastoff Sexual abuse litigation, Civil Rights, Employment Law, Crime Victim's Law, Personal Injury, General Litigation Y95%   1
Needleman Michael Needleman Insurance Law, Litigation Y81%   1
Serra Alejo Serra A--   1
Shapiro Freida Shapiro Immigration Law Y86%   1
Weisz Ted Weisz A--   1
Nadjari, Esq. Douglas M. Nadjari, Esq. Criminal Matters, Physican Discipline Y93%   1
Naples Nicole Naples Complex Litigation Y96%   1
Nellen Annette Nellen Taxation Y86%   1
Neurman Jeff Neurman Business Formation, Financing, Corporate Governance, Contracts Y86%   1
Seidner Matthew Seidner Y97%   1
Nicolaou Carmen Nicolaou Negligence A--   1
Nieuwveld Lisa Bench Nieuwveld Y87%   1
Weisbard Neil Weisbard Zoning Y94%   1
Nicol Kim Nicol Y82%   1
Tobolsky William Tobolsky General Business Litigation A--   1
Weiss Matthew Weiss Traffic Law Y93%   1
Myers Elisabeth Myers Energy Law and Policy, Energy Regulation, Energy Consulting, Oil & Gas, Alternative Dispute Resolution Y88%   1
Shapiro Jay Shapiro White Collar Defense, Investigations and Corporate Compliance A--   1
Monell, Esq. Natasha R. Monell, Esq. Appellate Management Solutions A--   1
Montagu Alexandre Montagu Intellectual Property Law Y89%   1
Shlufman Daniel Shlufman Mortgages, Real Estate Y94%   1
Molbegott Elinor Molbegott Animal Law A--   1
Shullman Bob Shullman Marketing, Media Research, Consulting, Strategic Planning and Execution Y87%   1
Mitchell Susanna Mitchell Real Estate & Community Development, Affordable Housing, Tax Credit Workout & Litigation Y87%   1
Morris Francesca Morris Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy Y89%   1
Shira Donna Shira Y88%   1
Tilton Isaac Tilton Litigation and Appeals Y80%   1
Sharkey Brian Sharkey Life Sciences A--   1
Musoff Jay Musoff White Collar Crime, Securities Litigation, Internal Investigations Y88%   1
Thorpe Scott Thorpe Patent Law Y89%   1
Shepherd Kevin L. Shepherd Real Estate, Finance, Anti-Money Laundering A--   1
Mott Christine Mott Commercial Law Y86%   1
Rubin Ronald L. Rubin Litigation and Dispute Resolution, White Collar Defense and Government Investigations, Art Law Y94%   1
Noe Mary Noe Assistant Professor Y89%   1
Noetzel Nancy Noetzel Y91%   1
Patterson, Jr. Boyd Patterson, Jr. Y91%   1
Peabody Michael D. Peabody Worker's Compensation Y91%   1
Peddibhotla Kalpana Peddibhotla Immigration Law Y87%   1
Wallace Stephen Wallace Real Estate Law A--   1
Wallach Jonathan Wallach Appellate Practice Y95%   1
Walston Roderick Walston Natural Resources & Environmental Law Y92%   1
Patsos Catherine Patsos Healthcare Law A--   1
Pels Jon Pels Business law & Litigation A--   1
Perez-Riera Jose R. Perez-Riera Legal and Business Consulting A--   1
Phung Michael Phung Banking and Financial Planning Y85%   1
Wable Kesav Wable Commercial Litigation Y93%   1
Pia Dr. Francesco Pia Y87%   1
Pfeffer David Pfeffer Construction Y95%   1
Wagstaff Anne Wagstaff Y81%   1
Trugman-Nikol Gail Trugman-Nikol A--   1
Peterson Ouida Peterson Y90%   1
Scolnick Jennifer Scolnick Commercial Real Estate A--   1
Trueman David Trueman Health Law, Medical Malpractice Y93%   1
O'Neal Ardra O'Neal Employment Law Y92%   1
Oginski Gerald Oginski Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Litigation Y94%   1
Owens Arthur Owens Intellectual Property Y91%   1
Weible Robert Weible Mergers & Acquisitions Y93%   1
Norvell Blake C. Norvell Regulatory Law, Public Policy Y84%   1
Weinberger Robert Weinberger Corporate Law, Entrepreneurship Y74%   1
Tramontano Christine Tramontano Contract Litigation Y89%   1
Sedberry Steven Sedberry Anti-corruption, Trade sanctions Y89%   1
Pallonetti Steven Pallonetti Employment discrimination Y80%   1
Walton Trent Walton Computer forensics and Electronic discovery Y88%   1
Patrick Lori Patrick Y90%   1
Parker Dakin Parker A--   1
Wastler Sarah Matlack Wastler Y94%   1
Scudero Chris Scudero CPE Y82%   1
Misthal Marc Misthal Trademark and Copyright Litigation Y87%   1
Lent Andrew D. Lent Y91%   1
Einbinder Michael Einbinder Franchise, Business Litigation, Real Estate, Business/Corporate Y94%   1
Eiss James D. Eiss A--   1
Elefant Carolyn Elefant Y78%   1
Ellerman Lauren Ellerman Litigation Y96%   1
Eddleman Roger Eddleman Y84%   1
Dworkin Kade Dworkin Public Relations and Crisis Management Y82%   1
Downie Sarah Downie Compensation & Benefits A--   1
Dubinsky Melvin Dubinsky Trial Practice A--   1
Dubno Erica Dubno Appellate Practice; Criminal Law Y89%   1
Klis Christopher Klis Criminal Law Y94%   1
Engelhardt Eric J. Engelhardt Taxation, Business, & Financial Management Y87%   1
Feitshans Ilise Feitshans Y69%   1
Fellas John Fellas Arbitration Y89%   1
Ferraro Joshua Ferraro Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Estate Disputes Y92%   1
Fink Kenneth Fink Personal Injury Y93%   1
Feigin Michael Feigin Patents Y87%   1
Fasano Michael Fasano A--   1
Erickson Steve Erickson Accounting Y94%   1
Estevez Richard Estevez Y85%   1
Farag Remy Farag Y86%   1
Downey Mary Ann Downey HR A--   1
Downey Jeffrey Downey Elder Law Y95%   1
Cummins Jr. Marty Cummins Jr. Eb-5 Visa Y88%   1
Cushman Nathaniel Cushman Real Estate Y87%   1
Davidovich Ricardo W. Davidovich inancial Services, Hedge Funds, Regulatory Issues Y93%   1
Davis Wayne H. Davis Bankruptcy Litigation, Creditors' Rights & Corporate Reorganization Y90%   1
Cuddy Andrew Cuddy Y93%   1
Crystal James F. Crystal Real Estate Y89%   1
Cowie Mike Cowie Antitrust Y91%   1
Crapo David Crapo Financial Restructuring & Creditors' Rights Y82%   1
Crean Peter Crean Medical Center Representation A--   1
de Cordova Rachel A. de Cordova Business Law Y92%   1
De Leon Edgar De Leon New York Criminal Defense, Employment Law, Divorce Attorney A--   1
Donovan Edward Donovan International Law Y96%   1
Donovan Sherri Donovan Matrimonial & Family Law, Divorce Y80%   1
Dorcely James S. Dorcely Real Estate Mortgage Y93%   1
Douvas Maria Douvas Litigation Y88%   1
Doddridge David Doddridge Y78%   1
DiNucci John DiNucci Elder Law Y84%   1
Delgado William Delgado Patent & Trademark Litigation Y95%   1
Devereaux Michael Devereaux Corporate & Securities Law Y86%   1
DiMaggio Richard DiMaggio class actions Y90%   1
Fish Daniel Fish Elder Law, Estate Planning, Guardianship and Trust Law Y93%   1
Fisher Ivan Fisher Federal Criminal Litigation A--   1
Globus Julie Globus Loan Trading Y69%   1
Glover Marjorie M. Glover Corporate Governance and Risk Oversight, Employment, Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits A--   1
Glover William Glover Sports Law Y77%   1
Goldman Bernard Goldman Insurance Law, Business Law Y77%   1
Gleizer Guillermo Gleizer Real Estate A--   1
Gizzi Mike Gizzi Group Consulting Initiatives A--   1
Giammarco Stephanie Giammarco Consulting, Public Accounting Y88%   1
Giarrusso Michael Giarrusso A--   1
Gibbs Michele Gibbs Tax Law, ERISA Y82%   1
Goldring Orit Goldring Labor and Employment Law A--   1
Goldstein Richard W. Goldstein Tax Law Y91%   1
Gore Laurence Gore A--   1
Gorton John Gorton Construction Law, Labor & Employment Y97%   1
Gottlieb George Gottlieb Intellectual Property, Patent Law, Copyright Law Y92%   1
Gowan Sheila Gowan Complex Litigation, Internal Investigations Y90%   1
Gordon Jack Gordon Hospitality Law Y90%   1
Gordon George Gordon Antitrust, Life Sciences A--   1
Goldstein Scott Goldstein Bankruptcy Y94%   1
Gomelskaya Irina Gomelskaya Bankruptcy, Professional Development Y79%   1
Gomez Melissa M. Gomez Jury Consulting Y92%   1
Getto Ernest Getto Antitrust Y83%   1
Genis Robert J. Genis Y95%   1
Freimuth Matthew Freimuth Complex Litigation and Antitrust Matters Y92%   1
Fried Gil Fried Sports Law, Facility Management Y92%   1
Fried Trippe Fried Business Law, Entrepreneurship Y93%   1
Friedlander Martin Friedlander Family Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution Y90%   1
Freedman Susan Freedman Y88%   1
Frayer Elizabeth Frayer Securities Law Y86%   1
Fishkin James Fishkin Antitrust A--   1
Fortinsky Jerome Fortinsky Y89%   1
Frantz Barbara Frantz Y86%   1
Friedman Paul Friedman Antitrust, Commercial Litigation, Technology A--   1
Froehlich Stephen Froehlich Forensic Accounting, Tax Services Y94%   1
Garlitz Janice E. Garlitz A--   1
Gary Robert Gary Class actions Y89%   1
Gaynor Alan Gaynor M&A, securities, general corporate governance and transactional matters Y91%   1
Gee Michelle Gee Immigration Law Y87%   1
Gard Sally Gard Y86%   1
Gair Anthony H. Gair Personal Injury and Construction Accidents Y93%   1
Fullerton III John F. Fullerton III Labor and Employment A--   1
Funk William Funk A--   1
Gabay-Rafiy Sari Gabay-Rafiy Commercial Litigation Y91%   1
Covello Dustin Covello Tax controversy and Tax Planning Y94%   1
Coulter Keith Coulter Construction Law Y89%   1
Bederka Anne C. Bederka Y97%   1
Berk Steven Berk Litigation Y83%   1
Bernstein Donald Bernstein Administration Law Y94%   1
Bernstein Jeffrey Bernstein Y94%   1
Beckwith Penelope J. Beckwith Cross-Border and International Trade banking Y90%   1
Bavero Ronald J. Bavero Family law and divorce Y66%   1
Bardsley Clymer Bardsley Mediation A--   1
Baron Lani Baron Family law A--   1
Bartolo Joseph Bartolo Y93%   1
Berschadsky Ariel Berschadsky Business Representation, Litigation Y93%   1
Bierstein Andrea Bierstein Civil Litigation A--   1
Boehnert John M. Boehnert Real Estate Law, Environmental Law Y92%   1
Bohmann Louise Bohmann Customs & International Trade A--   1
Bondarowicz Andrew Bondarowicz Sports and Entertainment, Finance, Contract Y84%   1
Botwinick Gary Botwinick Taxation, Trusts & Estates Y94%   1
Bluestone Andrew Bluestone Legal Malpractice Y88%   1
Blankenship Carolyn Blankenship Intellectual Property Law Y89%   1
Black Nicole Black DWI, Criminal, Social Media Y82%   1
Blakeslee Melise Blakeslee Intellectual Property and Technology Y91%   1
Blank Helene Blank Litigation Y92%   1
Barclay Lisa Barclay Legal Profession & Ethics, Civil Litigation, Food & Drug Y90%   1
Barclay James Barclay Administrative, Governmental, and Healthcare Law Y83%   1
Albert Kyle Albert Business law & Litigation A--   1
Alpert Stanley Alpert Y87%   1
Alvarez Elizabeth Alvarez Immigration Y94%   1
Amineddoleh Leila Amineddoleh Art, Cultural Heritage, Intellectual Property Law Y93%   1
Akinyemiju Rotimi Akinyemiju Supply Chain Managment, Logisitics, Global Ecommerce A--   1
Agostino Frank Agostino Federal and State Criminal, Civil Tax Matters Y94%   1
Abend Richard H. Abend Medical Malpractice Litigation Y93%   1
Abendschein Tatiana Gutierrez Abendschein Y76%   1
Aboushi Tahanie Aboushi Business litigation, employment law, family law, immigration law and criminal law Y94%   1
Anderson David Anderson Y92%   1
Arnold Roger Arnold Economist Y86%   1
Bailey Blake Bailey Civil Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Consumer Protection, Environmental Protection, Product Liability Y91%   1
Baker Keith Baker Government Contracts Y89%   1
Baranowski Robert Baranowski Environmental, Land Use A--   1
Barber Grayson Barber Consumer Privacy Advocate Y90%   1
Badway Ernest Badway Litigation, White Collar Compliance And Defence Y91%   1
Badmus Ann Badmus Immigration Law Y94%   1
Aronson David Aronson Family Law Y86%   1
Astre Patrick Astre CFP, EA, RFC Y88%   1
Athanas William Athanas White Collar Crime Y89%   1
Bradbury Steven Bradbury Antitrust, Appellate, Technology, Commercial Litigation, Securities A--   1
Bradrick Erin Bradrick Non Profits Y90%   1
Clarida Robert Clarida Copyright, Entertainment Law Y95%   1
Clark Deanna Clark Y88%   1
Cody-Hopkins Karen Cody-Hopkins Bankruptcy, Student Loans Y95%   1
Cohen Adam Cohen Electronic Discovery, Technolgy Consulting Y86%   1
Christou Theodora Christou International Law, Human Rights, Transitional Justice A--   1
Chodoff Louis Chodoff Litigation, Labor and Employment Y95%   1
Cheriff Bruce Cheriff Personal Injury Y93%   1
Chin Steven Chin Y91%   1
Chiuchiolo Nicholas Chiuchiolo Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Emoloyment Y94%   1
Cohen Jackie Cohen Y89%   1
Cohen Jeffrey A. Cohen Environmental Law, Insurance Recovery, Corporate and Commercial Litigation Y86%   1
Conarty Paul F. Conarty Commercial Litigation Y86%   1
Conlon Stephen Conlon Zoning and Land Use Y85%   1
Cooper Hon. Matthew F. Cooper Y86%   1
Corbett Bill Corbett A--   1
Colman Charles Colman Y82%   1
Colfin Bruce Colfin Music Y94%   1
Cohen Joel Cohen Criminal Law Y86%   1
Cohen Lauren Cohen Immigration Law Y73%   1
Coleman Ronald Coleman Commercial Litigation Y86%   1
Chemas Martha Chemas Computer Law Y81%   1
Cheifetz Cary Cheifetz Matrimonial Law, Family Law Y89%   1
Brisman Melissa Brisman Y91%   1
Brodsky Donald Brodsky Federal Securities Law Y93%   1
Bruno Frank Bruno Intellectual Property Y97%   1
Brusca Michael A. Brusca Health Care Law, Litigation, Personal Injury Y96%   1
Brecher Stuart Brecher Bankruptcy Y87%   1
Braverman Stanton Braverman Immigration Y92%   1
Bradshaw Christine Bradshaw Y84%   1
Brammall Margaret Brammall Mental Illness in Criminal Law Y88%   1
Braunfeld Roger Braunfeld Business and Corporate law Y94%   1
Buni Ronny Buni Tax Law Y91%   1
Burmeister Paul Burmeister Labor & Employment Law A--   1
Castro Rafael Castro Y86%   1
Cavey Nancy Cavey Student Loans Y95%   1
Chan Emily Chan Non-Profit Y87%   1
Chang Joseph Chang Real Estate Y92%   1
Capezza Michelle Capezza ERISA, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation A--   1
Canberg Sarah Canberg Y84%   1
Burnham Charles Burnham Criminal Defense Y94%   1
Callison Kathleen Callison Y91%   1
Canarick Michael Canarick Estate Planning Y87%   1
Grasso Meredith Grasso Commercial Litigation, Landlord Tenant Law A--   1
Emord Jonathan W. Emord Food and drug law, deceptive advertising law, and libel law Y77%   1
Kanfer David Kanfer Real Estate, Securities, Commercial Y93%   1
Khanna Rajiv S. Khanna Immigration Y86%   1
Kimmel Brett Kimmel Family and Matrimonial Law Y66%   1
Hunter Dr. Graeme Hunter Antitrust, Mergers, Commercial Litigation Y94%   1
Gross Phil Gross tax A--   1
Kelly Brad Kelly Healthcare law Y95%   1
Kestenbaum Harold Kestenbaum Franchise Law, Antitrust Law Y94%   1
Kewalramani Devika Kewalramani Legal Ethics, Law Firm Practice Y93%   1
Kincannon Joshua S. Kincannon Class Actions Medical Device / Products Litigation, Complex Litigation State Trial Practice, Consumer Fraud Wrongful Death -- Plaintiff, Toxic Tort Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents A--   1
Harris Talbott Patrice Harris Talbott Real Estate Law Y87%   1
Hazan David M. Hazan Constitutional Law Y91%   1
Jones Keith Jones Computer Forensics Y88%   1
King Matthew King Commercial Litigation, Construction, Environmental Y87%   1
Hutchinson Miles Hutchinson Accounting/Auditing Y87%   1
Grierson Kevin Grierson Intellectual Property Y93%   1
Jordan Anne Jordan E-Discovery Y89%   1
Jones Stephanie Jones Y96%   1
Kelly Harry Kelly Real Estate Law Y94%   1
Kelly Matthew Justin Kelly Litigation; Tribal Sovereignty, Self-Determination; Historical Data Management Y95%   1
Kamins Hon. Barry Kamins Criminal Court Judge Y95%   1
Humphrey Russell Humphrey ADA Lawsuits (Accessibility for the Disabled), Accident and Injury, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Major Felony, DUI, Immigration Law A--   1
Keneally Jim Keneally Y90%   1
Hanson James Hanson Transaction Options Y93%   1
Haber Dennis Haber Real Estate, Non-Profit A--   1
Hamilton Marci Hamilton Constitutional Law Y85%   1
Hadfield Frances Hadfield Y92%   1
Kane Rich Kane Accounting/Auditing Y91%   1
Gutheinz Joe Gutheinz Space Law, Aviation law Y79%   1
Ho John S. Ho Labor and Employment A--   1
Kakalia Narges M. Kakalia Commercial Business Litigation, Securities Litigation, White Collar Criminal Defense, Arbitration Y84%   1
Harders Gretchen Harders Employee Benefits Y92%   1
Hochheiser Lawrence Hochheiser Criminal Defense Y92%   1
Hunt Christopher Hunt Accounting/Auditing Y93%   1
Kalow David Kalow Y90%   1
Gursoy Michael Gursoy Immigration Law Y90%   1
Kirschner Jr. F. Curt Kirschner Jr. Labor & Employment, Health Care Y92%   1
Harwood Jennifer L. Harwood Personal Injury, Products Liability, Medical Malpractice, Class Actions, Complex Mass Tort, Wrongful Death Litigation A--   1
Green Stuart Green Y82%   1
Klein Ronald J. Klein CPA Y86%   1
Heller Steven Heller Y84%   1
Greenberg Brian Greenberg Y89%   1
Klein Joshua Klein Y88%   1
Kastin Jessica Kastin Labor & Employment Y90%   1
Henske Thomas J. Henske Corporate Law Y90%   1
Kaplan Michael Kaplan Y89%   1
Kaplan Terry Kaplan insurance bad faith, insurance claims handling, escrows, attorney malpractice, real estate matters and partnerships Y79%   1
Karter Philip Karter Tax Controversy and Tax Litigation Y95%   1
Jaglom Andre Jaglom Distribution and Marketing Antitrust Food and Beverage Trademark and Copyright Software and Computer Law Y94%   1
Jindal Gorav Jindal Antitrust A--   1
Janci Peter Janci Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, Public Law, Abuse cases, Business law, Real Estate Y95%   1
Jacobs Stuart E. Jacobs Constitutional Law Y91%   1
Henderson Renee Henderson Civil Litigation, Alernative Dispute Resolution, Msas Torts, Class Actions, Consumer Fraud, Natural Resource Damages Y85%   1
Kleinberg Elaine Kleinberg Real Estate Y90%   1
Kleiner Phil Kleiner Immigration Law, Employment Law Y95%   1
Greco Alexandra Greco Investigations Manager, Certified Information Privacy Professional Y81%   1
Heller Brian Heller Employment Law Y84%   1
Greene Scott Greene Advisory Services A--   1
Jones Joseph K. Jones Estate Planning, Trust Creation, Probate and Estate Administration, Commercial Transactions, and Consumer Protection Law. Y78%   1
Herzig Jack Herzig Immigration Law Y92%   1
J. Lodes Lacy J. Lodes Intellectual Property Y77%   1
Greenspan Jonathan Greenspan A--   1
Itkin Arkady Itkin Employment, Wrongful Termination, and Personal Injury Y88%   1
Greenwald Joel Greenwald Employment Law, Litigation, Arbitration Y95%   1