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Throughout history, the United Nations has played a crucial role in defining humanitarian rights and establishing procedures to protect both nations and individuals. Join Attorney Ilise Feitshans as she discusses these international human rights issues and their impact on the international landscape. Ms Feitshans begins by discussing the basic international human rights law as determined by the UN General Assembly and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. She then elaborates on the original UN Declaration by detailing some of the UN agencies that have been established in order to address humanitarian issues across all different avenues of life. Furthermore, Ms. Feitshans discusses some of the challenges that society faces in the 21st century as we look at issues surrounding world hunger, sustainable development, and gender equality and gender rights. She then evaluates existing national and international policies to determine if those laws are consistent with UN protocols and current UN organizations or agencies. Finally, Ms. Feitshans concludes by discussing the regional impact the UN humanitarian laws have had.

I.     Introduction
II.    Basic International Human Rights Law
III.   UN Agencies and International Human Rights
IV.   Millennial Development Goals
V.    Why Human Rights Matter
VI.   Myanmar and Poland Case Studies
VII.  International Human Rights and Civil Society



Production Date

May 18, 2012

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