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About this Program

New Jersey’s analog to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (“NJLAD”), a “cutting edge” statute to which other progressive states look for guidance. Labor and employment attorney Jonathan Meyers unpacks this unique law which has made New Jersey an unusually favorable jurisdiction for claims by aggrieved employees. Throughout this presentation, Mr. Meyers provides an excellent primer for New Jersey attorneys and out-of-state practitioners bringing or defending an NJLAD claim as pro hac vice counsel. From choosing the proper New Jersey forum and venue and the scope of NJLAD coverage, to the proof structure in discharge and discrimination cases, Mr. Meyers breaks down every element of the NJLAD with reference to important New Jersey discrimination case law. Concluding with a discussion of the interplay between unemployment and NJLAD litigation and various ethical considerations, this important course will equip viewers with everything they need to know about bringing or defending a discrimination claim under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. 

Please Note: For Newly Admiited Attorneys in New Jersey this course falls under New Jersey civil or criminal trial preparation subject area


I.      Choosing the Forum & Venue in an NJLAD Case
II.     Disparate Treatment Claims
III.    Hostile Work Environment Claims
IV.    Retaliation Claims
V.     Constructive Discharge
VI.    Ethical Considerations


Cheltenham, PA

I really appreciate the focus on NJ employment law. Thanks !

Montvale, NJ

Great presentation. Just the right balance of legal principles and case law. Very useful and practical.

New Wilford, NJ

outstanding; invaluable

Marietta, GA

Very informative and thorough.


An extremely comprehensive and informative webinar. The speaker is clearly knowledgeable on this topic.

Chatham, NJ

excellent presentation

Lansing, MI

This course was highly informative; the faculty member was very knowledgeable about the subject matter; and the presentation of the materials will be very useful to me in the future.

New Hope, PA

Really helpful course.

Marlboro, NJ

This was a great seminar for in-house counsel. Very relevant.

Fairfield, NJ

Very impressed.

Washington, DC

Covered a lot of ground and was interesting to listen to

New York, NY

Very dense programming, but informative and helpful.

Philadelphia, PA

Informative on employment practices in NJ.

Minneapolis, MN

great CLE!

Chicago, IL

This was a great introduction to the LAD



Production Date

July 21, 2011


New Jersey
2 General