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About this Lawline.com Program

Join Attorney Edgar De Leon as he gives an in depth look at New York City Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings. Mr. De Leon begins by discussing relevant definitions and the jurisdictional foundation for delinquency actions. He then compares these proceedings with criminal actions and illuminates how juveniles are treated differently under the constitutional doctrine. Mr. De Leon also delves into custody and detention and disclose, from inception to conclusion, the nuts and bolts of the juvenile proceeding.

I.    Introduction & Relevant Definitions
II.   Jurisdiction, Statute of Limitations & Venue
III.  Comparison with Criminal Proceedings
IV.  Constitutional Rights
V.   Custody and Detention
VI.  Proceedings


Secaucus, NJ

Good program

Bronx, NY

Good insight



Production Date

May 25, 2012


New York
1.5 Professional Practice