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On July 4th, 1776, the United States formally declared its independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.  Through time, the holiday has developed many traditions such as lighting fireworks and celebrating with a barbecue. Join attorneys Kyle Robinson and Sigalle Barness as they discuss the 4th of July and the legal implications which ignite many legal issues in an array of different practice areas such as constitutional law, employment law, tort law and various other administrative regulations.  Mr. Robinson and Ms. Barness begin by discussing the history of the holiday, its establishment as a national holiday, and the 1st Amendment issues raised by flag burning and the pledge of allegiance. Next, they discuss legal issues concerning common practices such as fireworks and barbecues and how the courts have dealt with the personal injury issues that are inevitable arise during these events. They will talk about the various state laws concerning fireworks.  Finally, Mr. Robinson and Ms. Barness will conclude by giving an overview of Shannon’s Law and fun facts concerning the holiday.  Don’t miss out on a course that will leave you seeing red, white, and blue.


Learning Objectives:
I.     Understand 4th of July History and How a National Holiday is Established
II.   Explore the Constitutional Law Issues Raised by Flag Burning and the Pledge of Allegiance 
III.   Understand Labor & Employment Law Implications
IV.   Understand Various States Firework Regulations and Barbecue Laws and Their Relation to Personal Injury 
V.    Learn Shannon’s Law
VI.   Learn Fun Facts!


Little Rock, AR

interesting and topical

Little Rock, AR

CLE is generally painful. This, however, was probably the most fun hour of CLE I've experienced!

Lombard, IL

Entertaining subject matter/presentation. Can't believe they work Palzgraff into lecture!

Anaheim, CA

Fun review of tort law. One of the more entertaining seminars.


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June 29, 2012


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