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In the State of New York, domestic violence victims may initiate a Family Offense Proceeding by filing a petition in the Family Court.  Join us as Family Law attorney Pashan Movasseghi takes us through this process and explains why victims may seek an order of protection and what should be done in such circumstances.  Mr. Movasseghi also covers some pertinent case law to better illustrate the process as well as what is needed in your petitions.  In addition, Mr. Movasseghi  discusses the various types of settlements and alternative case dispositions. 

I.      Family Offense Proceedings
II.     Strategic Considerations
III.    Relevant Law
II.     Standing
III.    Definitions
IV.    Terms of the Order of Protection
V.     Amended Petition
VI.    First Court Appearance
VII.   Settlement
VIII.  Trial and Disposition Alternatives


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Production Date

March 1, 2012


New York
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