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About this Program

Join Charles Colman as he shares his expertise on 'Copyright Protection in Fashion' with the Lawline community. This course will cover selected copyright issues specific to fashion design. In the course, Mr. Colman will discuss what is and isn’t protected under U.S. law, and highlight proposed legislation that, if passed, would dramatically change the legal landscape in this area. In addition, Mr. Colman will discuss certain copyright-law pitfalls that participants in the fashion industry should look out for, helping both new and seasoned attorneys stay current with the laws as they are and may soon develop....

This program was organized in conjunction with The Center for the Study of Fashion, Law, and Society.

Learning Objectives:
I. Understand (a) the history of copyright protection for fashion design in the U.S., and (b) the current debate over the need for new legislation
II. Discuss basic copyright protection for fashion and the various forms of infringment tests
III. Identify recognized exceptions to the general “no-copyright-for-fashion" rule
IV. Take the understanding of exceptions further as we highlight the “exceptions to the exceptions.”
V. Preview proposed changes to the legislative landscape.



Production Date

March 28, 2013

Advanced Prep

An Introduction to U.S. Copyright Law


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North Dakota
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New York
1.5 Professional Practice
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New Jersey
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