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About this Program

How does a restaurant seek permission from its community to serve alcohol? How can a house that does not comply with local zoning requirements gain approval to be built?  In this course, California Land Use Law specialist Valerie Sacks guides viewers through the process by which such projects must go through in order to be approved by the local government.  Ms. Sacks begins her presentation with a discussion of Ministerial Projects (the basic projects that comply with the cut and dry zoning requirements) and the automatic process by which they are approved.  She then lays out the types of Discretionary Projects that require a Planning Department’s approval before they can be carried out.  Following that, the discussion shifts to the various types of entitlements (residential, commercial, conditional use permits, and variances) that applicants seek to obtain for their respective projects.  Ms. Sacks concludes her presentation with a focus on the approval process for Discretionary Projects (required application materials, strategy for approval, and public hearing logistics). This course will be helpful for Real Estate, Environmental, and Land Use attorneys who wish to gain a basic understanding of zoning and the entitlement process in California.

I.      Ministerial Projects (Process and Types)
II.     Discretionary Projects 
III.    Types of Entitlements (Residential, Commercial, Conditional Use Permits, and Variances)
IV.    The Planning Process (Application Materials, Pre-Hearing, Hearing, and Appeal)


Fortuna, CA


Los Angeles, CA

It was great, she really provided a lot of information, the only small comment is that she spoke just a little too quickly sometimes. But, overall her presentation was very well done.

Lake Oswego, OR

good for construction lawyers

Olga, WA

good overview

Hunnington Beach, CA


San Francisco, CA

Good, comprehensive overview.

Fullerton, CA

That was a lot of information packed into one hour! Great job!

Indio, CA

Very knowledgeable, presented material in a quick pace.



Production Date

April 15, 2011


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